Michael Junge

Michael was born in California and has lived in Branson for most of his life. He has been cutting hair since 2010 and opened Lost Boys Barber Co in October of 2015.



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The Cut / $25 / 30 mins

A proper haircut.


Cut & Wash / $30 / 35 mins

A proper haircut but with a wash, hot towel, then blown out and styled.


The Beard Trim / $18 / 15 mins

If you are tired of messing up your beard at home, do yourself a favor and let us do it for you. At least this way you will have someone else to blame. 


Cut & Beard / $35 / 45 mins

A proper haircut & a professional beard trim to go along with it.

Skin Fade / $35 / 45 mins

A service for the guy who wants the extra time in the chair so we can dial in your hair cut that much more.  The perfect option for people wanting a super clean fade from a 0 at the bottom - or if you just like hanging out longer to shoot the shit. This one also comes with a wash. 

The Cutthroat / $25 / 30 mins

Three hot towels, a razor blade, & your life in our hands... what could be more masculine?

Cut & Shave / $50 / 1 hour

A proper haircut + we lay you back, throw some hot towels on your mug, lather you up, and take a straight razor to you the old fashioned way... you know, like back when men were men.

Waxing / $15 / 15 mins

We only work above the shoulders boys - get your nose hairs taken care of or your unibrow cleaned up.

Buzz Cut / $15 / 15 mins

One guard all over if you are that basic.

Products & Merch

We sell a range of Layrite, Ruezel, Dr Squatch & other brands of hair & beard products, along with a supply of Lost Boys Barber Co apparel.



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Phone: 417-320-6465



259 Birdcage Walk

Hollister, MO


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