Michael Junge

Owner of Lost Boys - Michael was born in California and has lived in Branson for most of his life. He has been cutting hair since 2010.



The Cut / $25 / 30 mins

A proper haircut.


Cut & Wash / $30 / 35 mins

A proper haircut but with a wash, hot towel, then blown out and styled.


The Beard Trim / $18 / 15 mins

If you are tired of messing up your beard at home, do yourself a favor and let us do it for you. At least this way you will have someone else to blame. 


Cut & Beard / $35 / 45 mins

A proper haircut & a professional beard trim to go along with it.

Skin Fade / $35 / 45 mins

A service for the guy who wants the extra time in the chair so we can dial in your hair cut that much more.  The perfect option for people wanting a super clean fade from a 0 at the bottom - or if you just like hanging out longer to shoot the shit. This one also comes with a wash. 

The Cutthroat / $25 / 30 mins

Three hot towels, a razor blade, & your life in our hands... what could be more masculine?

Cut & Shave / $50 / 1 hour

A proper haircut + we lay you back, throw some hot towels on your mug, lather you up, and take a straight razor to you the old fashioned way... you know, like back when men were men.

Waxing / $15 / 15 mins

We only work above the shoulders boys - get your nose hairs taken care of or your unibrow cleaned up.

Buzz Cut / $15 / 15 mins

One guard all over if you are that basic.

Products & Merch

We sell a range of Layrite, Ruezel, & other brands of hair & beard products, along with a supply of Lost Boys Barber Co apparel





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Phone: 417-320-6465



709 Veterans Blvd.

Branson, Missouri 


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